Business Faves is now offering free one way links for business listings without any need of reciprocal links.

Business Faves is now offering free business listing for all types of business. It is most ideal for small businesses who don’t want to pay for such things. Business Faves is a new business directory that allows its users to register their businesses for free with one way links. It is primarily made for an increased business exposure on the internet. The website is also very ideal for those who are searching for a business in their area. It is actually the ultimate business search engine. Now, after offering this new feature of free one way links for businesses, this free business directory is becoming even more popular. Anyone can submit site on this free directory without spending even a dime.

Today, very few of the business directories are offering this service for free and Business Faves is one of them. For submitting a business, you would simply need to click the “Add Business” link on the top menu bar on their website and you will be forwarded to the “Submit Link” page. You can visit their home page here. They do not allow you to submit a sub-domain or a webpage.  You must submit only the website using the primary address. Now, with this great feature, you can get one way links for your website without any need of reciprocal links (two-way or mutual links between two websites directing traffic from one website to another), so, you can get the benefit of free one way links. Business Faves also allow its users to submit articles to its own free business directory which will help even more in increasing your business’s exposure on the web. The people searching for businesses can also search them by category and find their required business very easily. If you want your business to get more exposure even in the directory, you can choose to pay a small $10 yearly fee that will make your website appear as featured and result in an increased traffic towards it.

Business Faves is a newly established free directory for all the small and the big businesses. Everyone is allowed to submit site in this free business directory. The owner of this free business directory is Charles Yarbrough, a pioneer in helping all types of business for increasing their online exposure. He is also the president of Web Host Pro which is basically a free web design and reseller web hosting company. Visit their twitter page here.


Owner:   Charles Yarbrough (President of Web Host Pro)

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