While researching Freshmail we found a awesome addition to the great service. If you have a WordPress site and you probably do. I know I have about 8 now lol you have to check out FreshMail’s newsletter wordpress plugin. It’s easy to install and configure the interface is a work of art. I really how reliable it works, with large email lists one mistake can cause a lot of issues so a reliable system is crucial.

  1. Define highly customizable sign-up forms by choosing predefined styles or creating your own style. Live previews of the final project as it’s being created.
  2. Include sign-up forms in popups and define when it will be displayed.
  3. Set up automatic subscription sign-up with checkboxes when users take action on a website (leave a comment, enter a contest, take part in a survey, etc.). Integrates with Contact Form, WooCommerce checkout and other popular plugins.
  4. Adding a checkbox to any other form with a few lines of code.
  5. Get reports on the sources of users’ registration in a selected period and check which form or checkbox generates the most new subscribers.
  6. Plugin integration with Google Analytics.

Mailing lists are an important part of any product campaign, if you have a store or service on the Internet offer something of substance for free even if it’s costs you a little. Then update the people who sign up for your mailing list about once a month with offers and more free stuff. If you give them something good they will keep subscribed in hopes of more good deals. It’s also a good way to market affiliate links that relate to your products.

Be careful not to buy email lists, these tend to spammed out and can cause ISP issues.

Freshmail has amazing support and would be happy to chat with you on how to do a smart email marketing campaign of any level.

You can contact them HERE

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