After Covid-19 made a major blow to small businesses around the world. It’s exciting to see things getting back to normal! More and more people are realizing how important small business is now that so many have shutdown from only a couple months of not being able to open. A lot of smaller businesses are working hard to stay a float and it’s people like you that choose to use small business, that help them grow and stay open.

small business

Small business is the blood flowing through your country. Without it, prices and services would have little competition. You would not know who runs the business. I love going to restaurants and seeing the owner there or the manager that has been there for years. Bigger businesses have a much higher turn around rate because there is no personal connection to the people working there. It’s just a money making machine. Yet smaller businesses normally have heart and soul.

Small business is about real people and community.

Support your local small business today!

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